Ana was born in 1988 in Belgrade, where she continues to live, work and dance. She was introduced to Irish dance in 2004, and only two years later, in 2006, with a few teammates, she participated in the founding of “Erin’s Fiddle”. She holds a degree in art production management, and through her engagement in the troupe, she has been able to combine her three great passions – dance, organization, and working with people. Except for her formal function as the President of the Association “Erin’s Fiddle”, Ana is a teacher, a choreographer, a project manager, a costume designer, a production designer (and many other things, if necessary), and of course - an active dancer, competitor and a part of the Performance team. As a member of “Erin’s Fiddle”, she took part in numerous international Irish dance competitions (in Vienna, Milan, Stuttgart, and Prague), where she won many prizes. However, she is much prouder of the success of the dancers she had prepared for those competitions, their age varying from 7 to 27 years old. She gained her experience as a teacher from long and intensive work with people, by collaborating with the other teachers in the troupe, and through various workshops with foreign instructors of Irish dance. Aside from her active role in Erin’s Fiddle, Ana is employed as an administrative assistant in an HR company GI GROUP, department for training and development of the employees.

Favourite type of dance: Slip jig

A well-danced slip jig demands a lot of effort, hard work, and energy, while on the outside it seems graceful and serene, just like Ana - despite all of her regular daily tasks, actions, plans and problems, she still approaches her teammates and colleagues with a smile and with understanding.



Milena was born in 1987 in Belgrade. She stepped into the world of the Irish dancing in 2005 and only two years later she joined Erin's Fiddle. The magical world of dance appealed to her and motivated her to develop her performing skills in many years to come, which is verified in a vast number of performances, group and solo dances, as well as numerous international competitions. While developing the quality of her performance, Milena was introduced to other aspects of Irish dance. In 2010, she became a dance teacher and a choreographer. While working with adults, and later with children too, she had faced many challenges that have positively affected her pedagogical skills. Milena always nourished the love towards teaching, which is supported by her professional orientation - Milena holds the master degree in Theory of arts. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. and is a teaching assistant at the Faculty of musical arts in Belgrade. Her knowledge of music helped her to express in yet another creative way - composing. She composed several pieces for the dance show Erindol which was performed in 2012 in Belgrade. Milena tends to develop all her passions: music, dance, and pedagogy, by continuously broadening her knowledge of them. This is a great challenge that eventually brings the satisfaction.

Favourite type of dance: Hornpipe

It is one of the dances that is performed in hard shoes. It is notable for its syncopated rhythm, which has to be emphasized accordingly because of its rhythmic characteristics. As the focus of this dance is on the rhythm and sharpness, one can easily overlook the posture and the overall presentation, which is one of the most important aspects of any dance, Irish dance included. Mastering this dance presents a great challenge. It requires a lot of effort, rhythmic precision and ambition, which is of great importance for Milena, and it's something she values the most.



Bane was born in Trstenik in 1988. Unlike other Erin's dance teachers, he was not part of the Irish dance world when Erin's Fiddle was being established. He joined the troupe as one of the students in 2009 and ever since he's been jumping high and tapping his feet. Attestants of the qualities of his jumping and tapping are numerous medals from the international competitions. Along with the Erin's Fiddle he took part in vast number of show performances, being a soloist and part of the group, and more recently he is also active behind the scenes as a choreographer. In his everyday, non-dance life, Bane is a Teacher's Assistant at his Alma mater. He was more than happy to accept the invitation to join the teacher's team of Erin's Fiddle in 2013, since he believes his vocation to be passing by the knowledge and the skills. Bane is constantly updating his tumblog with humorous pictures and stories inspired by the lives of the Irish dancers.

Favourite type of dance: Tradicionalni set

The steps and the music in the traditional step dances are always predefined, so that they are always danced the same way, from America to Australia. At the same time a dancer has just the right amount of freedom to introduce personal ornaments and interpretation of the performance. Special emphasis is being put on the personality of the dancer as an individual, as well as their intimate experience of the dance itself. What Bane values the most is the uniqueness/distinctiveness of an individual as well as the diversity of the humanity, thus he endeavours to encourage people around him to express their inner being more freely.




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