From the very beginning, dance troupe Erin’s Fiddle was more focused on live performances, guest appearances and their own concerts. As we started getting more invitations and engagements for performances, taking up our work to the next level was necessary.

Erin’s Fiddle Performance team was formed in 2012, with the intention of making a dance show “Erindol – Irish dance under the fairy shadow”. Today, the team consists of the best dancers in our troupe who have years of experience in Irish and other dances. Each one of them has numerous stage performances behind them as well as the medals from international competitions. Apart from their regular dance classes, members of the performance team, attend additional classes which are meant for upgrading their technique and stamina, as well as preparing choreographies for the performances.

The performance team is especially proud of its independent projects:

“Irish dance – movement, word, picture” – an hour long performance in Belgrade Youth Centre followed with the photo exhibition and drawings on the subject of Irish dance

“Erindol – Irish dance under the fairy shadow” – the first Irish dance show in our region

“Erin’s Fiddle and Fugato” – the project made in cooperation with the music ensemble Fugato from Zenica

“Rhythm of the City – multimedia dance show”

Irish dance show – Art festival “Maglič“

The Performance team currently consists of 19 dancers. Auditions for new members are regularly held.

The list of members who have been part of the performance team:

Ivana Adamović      
Lola Blagojev
Jelena Bogićević 
Ivana Vuković
Jelena Vučetić
Milica Getl
Andrea Dopuđ 
Milica Đorđević
Milena Jovanović
Nevena Kamčev
Ana Kotevski
Stefan Kresović
Petar Lukić
Jovana Maretić
Milica Martinović
Vanja Milenković
Aleksandar Milojković
Branislav Milojković
Ivana Milosavljević 
Ana Milošević
Tamara Milošević
Emilija Mihailović
Olivera Nikolić
Mlađan Njagojević
Arijana Obradović
Strahinja Pavlović
Iva Pečenica
Nikola Rakić
Dragoslava Sibinović
Mina Stojanović
Nevena Stošić               






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